Premium, Top-Shelf, Value, Bargain, & Pre-Rolls, take your pick!

The premium menu is home to some of the highest quality bud in Washington State.

Black Diamond by Blue Roots

1 Gram………..$14-16
3.5 GRAMS……$45-50
7 GRAMS……$80-92


 This is where you’ll find the highest quality buds in our stores!

Candyland by Sweet Water Farms

1 Gram………..$12-14
3.5 GRAMS……$40-45
7 GRAMS……$70-80

Great quality, excellent value!

Just one of our many fabulous brands!

1 Gram………..$8-12
3.5 GRAMS……$25-35

The name says it all!

Grease OG by Emerald Flash

1 Gram………..$5-7 or less
3.5 GRAMS……$18-25 or less


Don’t have time to load up a bowl? No worries, we have pre-rolls!

They’re easy, fast and affordable.

Liberty Reach .5g


  • Super Lemon Haze
  • Frosted Cherry Cookies

Virginia Co .75g


  • Purple Haze
  • Amnesia Haze
  • Fools Gold
  • Pineapple Chunk
  • Black Dog

GTP 3pk


  • Acapulco Gold
  • Lodi Dodi
  • Blueberry Cookies
  • M.K.B.
  • Blueberry
  • 9lb Hammer

OrGrow .75g


  • Jazz

Cloud 9 1g


  • Purple Punch
  • Fruit Punch
  • Tropic Fusion

Cowlitz 10pk


  • Casey Quantum
  • Rainier Sour Diesel
  • White Nightmare
  • Scooby Snacks
  • OG Kush

GTP .5g


  • Dawg Walker OG

Liberty Reach 1g


  • Frosted Cherry Cookies
  • Super Lemon Haze
  • Tropicanna Cookies

NW Nectar 14g


  • Lemon Sour Berry
  • G.G. #4
  • Grease Monkey
  • Garberville Grape

GL 1g


  • The Purps
  • Cookies n Cream
  • S.I.G.
  • Purple Sour Diesel
  • Lemon OG
  • G13
  • Blueberry

Hi Guys 4pk


  • Dutch Treat
  • Kush Wreck
  • Chunkberry
  • Pitbull
  • Yoda OG

Infused OR 2pk


  • T.C. x Lemon OG
  • Afghan Cookies
  • Platinum GSC

TT509 1 g


  • Blueberry Headband
  • Alien Rift

Kelso Kreeper 4pk


  • Lemon Cheesecake
  • SFV OG

Infused c9 1g


  • Sativa/Indica

Binx Buds 1g


  • Bay Dream
  • Hawaiian Pie

Brightside 3pk


  • L.S.D.
  • H.D.T.
  • Mindscape
  • Blue Hawaiian
  • G.G. #4
  • Do Si Dos
  • Aliens

Infused JJ 2pk


  • Tangie
  • Blueberry
  • Pineapple

Brightside 2pk


  • Blue City Diesel
  • Platinum NW

Greenrush 1g


  • Snoop’s Dream
  • Purple Cat Piss

Infused CG 2pk


  • Blue Skunk

GLW 1g


  • Mix Hybrid
  • Mix Indica

Cowlitz 4pk


  • Chem4
  • Sour Grape
  • S.B.S
  • 24K Gold
  • Vanilla Kush
  • Blackberry Kush

Infused MT 1g


  • Blueberry
  • Tangerine
  • Pineapple
  • Cotton Candy
  • Green Apple


 High quality ganja at low prices!


You can normally find strains from Hi Guys, Wide Hollow Farms, Blue Collar Buds and Calyx on this menu. We try to keep a steady rotation of flower here, but it sells fast at $6 per gram!


This menu has always been popular with our customers. Here you’ll find quality sungrown and indoor strains at the low price of $10 per gram. Featured growers are Cowlitz Gold, Hootie Hooo and Rootworx.


Fresh, top shelf quality bud below top shelf prices! Popular growers are Golden Tree Productions, SPP and Artizen Cannabis.


If you’re looking for a good deal but you also want to stock up for awhile, The Slow Burn has your back! We have daily deals on 3.5 grams of flower starting at $12.00 while supplies last! Give us a call before you come down, these deals aren’t always in stock.

Every Monday we will have multiple “top shelf” growers on sale so you can mix and match two $14 grams for a lower price than normal. These deals are different every week, stop by next Monday to check it out!


We select a few random dabs every Tuesday and lower the prices on them so you can save a few bucks on high quality concentrates! Sales will be posted in store, or you can give us a call.


Stop by every Wednesday to check out our deals on pre-rolls! Our joints are always affordable, but once a week we drop the prices on a few choice pre-rolls so more people can experience them!



Vapes, Concentrates, Dabs, Resin, Distillate…we have it all!

Cartridges &

$16.00 & Up


Dabs $30 a gram.
Interstellar Concentrates


  • NuVape $17.50

    1/2 gram cartridges. Available in Sativa, Hybrid and Indica.

  • Northwest Cannabis Solutions $20.00-$26.00

    1/2 gram Evergreen BHO Cartridges. Available in Sativa, Hybrid and Indica.

  • NuVape $32.00

    1 gram cartridges. Available in Sativa, Hybrid and Indica.

  • Crystal Clear, Spoil’d, Artizen & Smokey Point Productions $35.00

    1/2 gram vape cartridges. Available in Sativa, Hybrid, Indica and CBD.​

  • Harmony Farms $35.00

    1/2 gram cartridges. Available in Sativa.

  • Interstellar Concentrates $42.00
  • Indigo Pro $46.00

    1/2 gram cartridges. Available in Hybrid and CBD.

  • Regulator Xtracts $46.00

    1 gram vape cartridges. Available in Sativa, Hybrid and Indica.

  • Crystal Clear $46.00

    1/2 gram Crystal Clear disposable vape pens. Available with or without added flavors.

Vape Cartridges

  • Kola Bear .5g $30.00

    Tangie; Pear Herer; Pineapple

  • Crystal Clear .5g $35.00

    Sour Diesel; Tigers Blood; Sugar Cookie; Blueberry; Blackberry

  • Spoil’d .5g $35.00

    Bubble Gum; Strawberry Mojito; Grape; Fruit Punch; Cookies; CBD Skunk Haze

  • Smokey Point .5g $35.00

    Strawberry Daiquiri; Lodi Dodi; Cindy’s Dream; Illumidodi; Hindu Kush

  • Artizen .5g $35.00

    Dutchberry; Huckleberry

  • Harmony .5g $36.00

    White Fire; GG #4; AK-47; Purple Arrow; Zensation

  • Yield 1g $36.00

    Jack Diesel; Cherry Pie; 9lb Hammer

  • Harmony .5g $38.00

    Black Jack

  • Jackpot 1g $40.00

    Blue Dream; Sour Animals

  • Millenium 1g $44.00

    Bay Dream; OG Kush

  • Airpro .5g $46.00

    Oz’s Orchard; Black Mamba; Sumatran Sunrise; Atomic; Rainbow Jones; Blackberry Kush; Dutch Dragon

  • Regulator 1g $46.00

    Maui Wowie; S.L.H.; Tangie; Pineapple Express; GSC; Mimosa; Gelato; Orange Cookies; Tahoe OG; Grape Stomper; Purple Urkle; Do-si-dos; Blueberry Kush

  • Green Rush 1g $47.00

    Cotton Candy; Grapefruit

  • Omega 1g $48.00

    Key Lime Cookies; Code Blue


  • Dabsquatch/Hi Guys 1g $16.00

    Blue Dream; ATF; Sweet Tooth; Star Trek Super Kush

  • Golden Leaf 1g $16.00

    Papa Dizzle

  • Dab Dudes 1g $20.00

    Chemmy Jones; Dirty Girl

  • Green Acres 1g $20.00

    Pine Queen Dream

  • 710 Reserve 1g $20.00

    Atomic Blueberry

  • Regulator 1g $20.00

    Cinex; Jack Herer; Pineapple Kush; Purple Diesel

  • Slab Mechanix 1g $20.00

    Red Dragon; Purple Kush

  • Spark Hydro 1g $20.00

    Kaboom; Mind Fiesta; Kimbo Kush; Night Nurse

  • Omega 1g $20.00

    The Potion

  • Hitz 1g $22.00

    Grape Ape

  • From The Soil 1g $24.00


  • Regulator 1g $24.00

    Northern Lights

  • Om Shiv 1g $25.00

    Gorilla Glue

  • Green Acres Sauce 1g $26.00


  • Cowlitz Sauce 1g $26.00

    Green Crack; Death Star

  • Orgrow $28.00

    Blueberry Diesel; Jazz; P.G.S.C.; Sensi Star; Querkle; AC/DC

  • Millenium 1g $30.00

    Pink Buddha; Bay Dream

  • 710 Reserve 1g $28.00

    White Widow; Dutch Soda; Cotton Candy; Blueberries

  • Skord 1g $30.00

    SinMint; Cosmic Dawg

  • Interstellar Concentrates $30.00
  • Mountain Hi 1g $31.00

    FrankensteinTrainwreck #2

  • Golden Leaf 1g $31.00


  • Agro Couture 1g $35.00

    Blue Magoo; Do-Si-Dos

  • RSO+GO 1g $36.00

    Blue Dream; Grape Durbs; Ghost Train HazeBlack Cherry Punch; G.C. #4

  • Root Down 1g $36.50


  • Voyager 1g $37.50

    Amnesia Haze; Morning Glory; Liberty Haze

  • Voyager 1g $42.00

    Tangerine Dream; OG Chem

  • Green Rush 1g $45.50

    Mt Rainier; Rainier Blue

  • Dank Czar Sauce 1g $52.00

    Pineapple Cream; Lemon Sherbert

  • Cloud 9 Rosin 1g $52.50

    Purple Punch

  • Green Rush 1g $52.50

    Yum Sauce; Chocolate Hashberry; Obama Kush

  • Dank Czar Caviar 1g $60.00

    S.S.H.; Blueberry Sorbet; Blue Orca; LA Confidential


  • Kush Valley $45.00

    1 gram live resin. Available in Sativa, Hybrid and Indica.

  • Millennium Extracts $46.00

    1 gram distillate. Available in Sativa, Hybrid and Indica.



Cookies, Brownies, Hard Candy, Tinctures and More!

Premium edibles from Northwest Cannabis Solutions!


Flavored Hard Candy

  • 10mg………$3.00
  • 100mg…..$20.00

CBD Pebbles

Flavored Hard Candy w/10mg
of CBD in each piece.

  • 10mg………$4.50
  • 100mg…..$24.00


Flavored Chewy Candy

  • 10mg………$4.50
  • 100mg…..$29.00
New CBD infused options available!
25mg per serving

Delicious edibles infused with GaGa Platinum Extracts!

The juicy

Flavored Chewy Candy

  • 10mg………$5.25
  • 100mg…..$33.00

peanut butter cups

Chocolate/Peanut Butter Cups

  • 10mg………$6.00
  • 100mg…..$33.00

hard candy

10pack of Hard Candy

  • 100mg………$18.00

Available in multiple flavors!

Edibles from Green Labs!

THC-Infused truffles

Flavored Truffles

  • 10mg………$6.00
  • 60mg……..$24.00
  • 100mg…..$30.00
Available in Sativa, Hybrid, and Indica

CBD-infused truffles

Mint Chocolate Truffles

  • 10mg………$7.50
  • 60mg…..$33.50

sea salt caramels

THC-Infused Caramels

  • 10mg………$7.50
  • 60mg…..$24.00

7 Layer bar

Butterscotch, Graham Cracker, Coconut, Chocolate & THC

  • 60mg…..$24.00
One of the best tasting edibles you’ll find in Washington State.

Peanut Butter Bar

White Chocolate, Coconut & Peanut Butter on a Graham Cracker Crust

  • 60mg pack…..$24.00

Tinctures and other delicious edibles!

Paradise Tincture

Indica Water Tincture & Beverage Concentrate

  • 100mg…..$30.00

journey tincture

Sativa Water Tincture & Beverage Concentrate

  • 100mg…..$30.00

relief 250

CBD Water Tincture & Beverage Concentrate

  • 250mg CBD/5mg THC…..$54.00

5-1 Cbd-thc

Water Tincture & Beverage Concentrate

  • 250mg CBD/50mg THC…..$53.00

beauty sleep

CBN Water Tincture & Beverage Concentrate

  • 80mg THC/40mg CBD/20mg CBN…..$36.00

Green Baker Cookies

Chocolate Chip or Snickerdoodle. Each box contains 3 cookies.

  • 10mg THC/CBD…..$18.00 per box

Natural craft soda infused with Aloha!

Orange Cream

  • 10mg…….$5.00
  • 50mg…..$12.00

Classic Cola

  • 10mg…….$5.00
  • 50mg…..$12.00

lemon lime citrus

  • 10mg…….$5.00
  • 50mg…..$12.00

Fruit Punch

  • 10mg…….$5.00
  • 50mg…..$12.00

Packs of chocolate, caramel, and coconut snowballs!

coconut snowballs

  • 100mg 10-pack…..$30.00

milk chocolate/
toffee crunch

  • 100mg 10-pack…..$24.00

peanut butter cups

CBD Water Tincture & Beverage Concentrate

  • 100mg 10-pack…..$30.00

chocolate turtles

Turtles are delicious THC-Infused snacks made with chocolate, pretzel, caramel and pecans.

  • 100mg pack…..$30.00

THC-infused fruit chews!

berry bomb

Available in Indica or Sativa

  • 10mg/piece, 100mg/box

strawberry surge

Available in Sativa

  • 10mg/piece, 100mg/box

grape grenade

Available in Hybrid

  • 10mg/piece, 100mg/box

mango mortar

Available in Hybrid

  • 10mg/piece, 100 mg/box

lemon blast

Available in Indica

  • 10mg/piece, 100 mg/box

THC-infused chocolates!

chocolate 10 pack

Available in Orange, Dark, Coffee, or Mint Chocolate

  • 100mg/pack…$21.00

variety pack

One each: Orange, Dark, Coffee, and Mint Chocolate

  • 10mg/piece, 40mg/pack…$10.00

cbd chocolate 10 pack

Available in Mint Chocolate

  • 100mg/pack…$24.00

cbd Variety pack

4 pack of CBD Chocolates

  • 40mg/pack…$12

Chocolate bars available in different flavors and sizes!

Chocolate Bars

Available in White Chocolate Peppermint, Peanut Butter, Mint or Espresso Dark Chocolate

  • 5pack…….$12.00
  • 10pack…..$21.00

Fruit chews!

Fruit Chews

Fruit-flavored Chewy Candy from Uncle Roaner’s and Contender Gardens

  • 100mg/pack…..$24.00
Available in 4 flavors!


 For those seeking pain relief without the high.

Solace Green Revolution


Muscle melt



  • Recovery $18.00
  • Relief $18.00
  • Body Bliss $27.00
  • Dragon Balm $15.00

710 Reserve Relief


Wildflower Cold Stick


Wildflower healing Stick